Who we are

Ciarán Byrne is the founder and president of Creeslon. He's spent over twenty years launching products all across the world including the US, Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, South Africa and via distributors in Latin America and other markets.

Throughout this time he's been very fortunate to work on innovative and market first medical technologies that helped physicians deliver new standards of care to patients.

Creeslon is dedicated to helping companies bring new medical technology and scientific information to market.

We aim to inspire, illuminate & have positive impact.

Strategy Plus Execution

Some companies create great strategies, other execute well. Creeslon has that rare ability to deliver both! We seamlessly transition between strategy and execution, creating winning launches.

1. Marketing efforts remain aligned with business objectives and market dynamics. We can swiftly adjust tactics and respond to unforeseen or unexpected new information and maintain a competitive edge.

2. This fluidity allows for continuous optimization which not available if strategies are stagnant.

3. The constant connection to strategy supports communication and collaboration so that all cross-functional partners remain clear on expectations and no "drift" occurs.

Our differentiated service experience can help expedite time to market.